Home Tutor for Class O level in I-9-2 Islamabad

Home Tutor for Class O level in I-9-2 Islamabad | 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Dr. Babar 03302000082 | پاکستان کا سب سے بڑا ہوم ٹیوٹرز نیٹ ورک | One Day Free Trial | End of each demo experts must share the reports with the parents.

How to Apply?

Please Note that scroll down at the end of the page then u will see comment section ( There reply the following answers )

a). Details answer required where needed.
1.Expected fee at least at which this class suits you
2.distance from tutor home or near by class… Mentioned the area where u r teaching too?
3.experience for this class. Write detailed experienced?

b).Share comment screenshot on the WhatsApp ( Comprehensive comments raise the chances of the selection.

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Ismail khan
1 year ago

I m available..
Give 2 day free trail class..if student can’t satisfy..i leave it

Muhammad Awais
1 year ago

I want to take this class
1) Fee I am expected is 15000.
2) 5 mins away from my residence
3) I have 7 years of experience of O level

1 year ago

I’m interested
Experience Professional

1 year ago

Expected Fee=18k
3years teaching experience

Baseer Ahmed
1 year ago

20 k is good for two hours. I am teachings from 3 years and I had teached bachelor level. Moreover, I am Mechanical Engineer and recently completed my career. We can negotiate on this. I believe teaching is with experience not only knowledge is enough. Distance is 3 kms approx

Muzamil Abbass
1 year ago

Fee 15k
12 km from H-12
I’m a pure science teacher. Just give me a chance and pay me after one month.

Muhammad asif nadeem
1 year ago

I am intrested sir ³ kilometr distance . 3Year experince and expected fee 15000

Muhammad Hamza Akram
1 year ago

1. Expected fee : 15k
2. Distance : 15 min on bike (From G10/4)
3. 4 years of previous experience.
Note: 2 days demo class.

Muhammad Hamza Akram
1 year ago

Any progress?

Shafqat Ali
1 year ago

Fee 20k
Distance 3km
Experience 5 years

Zulfiqar Ahmad
1 year ago

I am interested in teaching O level (I-9/2 Islamabad)