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“Passionate about the wonders of physics and the beauty of mathematics, I am committed to inspiring the next generation of learners to explore and excel in these fascinating subjects. With a deep understanding of both content and pedagogy, I tailor my teaching to captivate students’ imaginations, clarify complex concepts, and ignite their curiosity. Through engaging demonstrations, interactive problem-solving sessions, and personalized guidance, I empower students to not only conquer academic challenges but also develop a profound appreciation for the intricate workings of the universe. With a track record of success and countless testimonials from students who have thrived under my tutelage, I am confident in my ability to make physics and math come alive for every learner who walks through my door. Join me on an exhilarating journey of discovery and mastery, where the possibilities are as infinite as the cosmos itself.”


Bs physics 2019-2023

I am Bs physics graduate.I am declared as the best student of my batch by Head of department of physics.I got 1st position in my batch.My project supervisor also gave me the Achievement Certificate on the performance of one of the best student in performing the project.

Work & Experience

Teacher 10-10-2023
Dar e Arqam school

My experience as teacher in Dar e Arqam school..I learned a lot of new things and new experience in this time.Due to this job i increase a lot of knowledge and they enhanced my personality.


"Certificate of Achievement" From Head of department 2023
I got "Certificate of Achievement " from my Head of department.I am declared as the Best student of overall in my batch.I got 1st position in my batch.This award shows my dedication and hard work.
"Certificate of Achievement" from Project Supervisor 2023
Project supervisor gave me this award due to the best performance in the project.This award shows my dedication and hard work in the project.This show how i applied my theoretical knowledge in the physical work.

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