English ,Science,Math, Pharmacy Teacher
$25000 / month
November 13, 2001

About Candidate

Greetings, future scholars! I am Iqra Imtiaz your dedicated online tutor, ready to embark on an exciting learning journey with you. With a fervor for education and a commitment to fostering a love for English, Maths, and Science, Pharmacy I’m here to make learning not just informative but downright enjoyable!
Why Choose My Classes?
1. Interactive Learning Experience: Join my virtual classroom where learning goes beyond textbooks. Engage in discussions, solve real-world problems, and witness the magic of hands-on learning.
2. Tailored Curriculum: No one-size-fits-all approach here! I tailor my lessons to match your learning style and pace, ensuring that every concept is crystal clear before we move forward.
3. Passionate About Subjects: English, Maths, and Science, Pharmacy are not just subjects; they’re portals to understanding the world. I bring enthusiasm and real-world examples to make these subjects come alive, fueling your curiosity.
4. Accessible Anywhere, Anytime: Say goodbye to commuting hassles. My online classes bring top-notch education to the comfort of your home. All you need is a device and a curious mind!
Subjects I Excel In:
1-English:Master the art of communication, grammar, and literature. From creative writing to effective communication skills, we’ll explore it all.
2-Maths: Numbers come to life as we navigate the fascinating world of mathematics. Algebra, geometry, will become your playground.
3-Science: Uncover the mysteries of the universe through hands-on experiments and insightful discussions. Physics, chemistry, and biology will no longer be a challenge but an adventure.
Ready to embark on an educational journey that transcends boundaries? Join my classes, and let’s turn the virtual space into your personal learning haven.


Pharmacy 2019-2024
University Of Sargodha

I am currently doing Pharm D in university


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