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Areej Farima Female tutor in Islamabad Rawalpindi

Areej Fatima – Your Islamabad/Rawalpindi Gateway to Space and Technology

Empowering young minds to explore the wonders of space science!

I’m Areej Fatima, a passionate and qualified tutor with a B.S. in Space Science (GPA: 3.09) from the Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad. My academic journey and research experience have equipped me with a deep understanding of space applications, GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems), data analysis, and much more!

Why Choose Me?

  • Expert in Space Science: I bring a strong foundation in space science concepts, GNSS technology, data processing, and analysis to your child’s learning experience.
  • Engaging and Interactive: I create a fun and stimulating learning environment using a mix of project-based learning, real-world examples, and software applications like GIS, Emlid Studio, and RtkLib.
  • Tailored Learning: I cater to individual learning styles and needs, ensuring your child grasps concepts effectively and builds a strong foundation for future studies.
  • Technology Integration: I leverage online learning platforms and industry-standard software to provide a well-rounded and engaging learning experience.
  • Clear Communication: I am fluent in English and Urdu, ensuring effective communication and a comfortable learning environment.

Subjects I Tutor:

  • Space Science (all levels)
  • Mathematics (up to Calculus)
  • Physics (up to Mechanics)
  • GIS and Remote Sensing (beginner to intermediate)


I offer flexible tutoring options, including online sessions and in-home tutoring within Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Let’s ignite your child’s passion for space exploration!

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Bring the Universe to Your Child’s Doorstep!

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