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“Are you seeking to ace your Chemistry A-level exams? I offer comprehensive and personalized guidance to help you master complex concepts, from atomic structure to organic chemistry. With tailored lesson plans, practice exams, and in-depth explanations.
I empower students to build a strong foundation in Chemistry(periodic table)Whether you’re struggling with equilibrium or need support with practical skills, provide effective strategies and resources to boost your understanding and confidence in tackling the intricacies of Chemistry at the A-level. Join me to unravel the mysteries of this fascinating subject and excel in your academic journey!”

I just wanted to let you know that I have an arts degree related to international relations. This helps me to deal with a variety of subjects including Pakistan study, Urdu, Islamyat, history, and more cause of an aspirant. So if you ever need any help with these subjects.

I created an extra course and notes to help your child understand and think the world better, including

  • the pre history and history of Islam to understand the holy book.
  • Major histories and theories to run the world , including wars, conflicts that helps your child to think batter in very young age.
  • A good introduction and work on ms-word, excel ,PowerPoint , as they becomes an attached part of your whole life and study.
  • Bullet notes of geography and sciences to understand the scientific phenomenon around you .
  • Courses ,classes ,there fields and the future of these fields , to define the interest or create THE GOOD interest.


BSC-Chemistry, zoology, botany. 2019
QUAID-E-AZAM university Islamabad.

This is equivalent to or sometimes more intellectually stimulating than a Bachelor's degree because it follows an annual system that promotes a growth mindset of defined fields.

MSc-Chemistry 2021

I just got my master's degree in analytical chemistry! This amazing achievement has helped me become a pro at checking and balancing the reactions of different products in various fields of chemistry.

Ma-International relations 2023

A certificate that enables me to engage with various fields of arts, including Pakistan studies, state relations, news, history, and the Great Game.

An aspirant of Css Continued

No doubt, this resource provides a wealth of knowledge spanning various fields such as Pakistan affairs, current affairs, Islamiyat, Pakistan study, general science, essay writing, and more.

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