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Nabeela-Experienced Female tutor near G9 Islamabad

Hi! I’m Nabeela Chandio, a passionate and experienced Biology tutor based in Sector G9/3, Islamabad. I enjoy creating a fun and engaging learning environment where students of all ages can thrive in Biology.

Why Choose Me?

  • Experienced and passionate Biology tutor
  • Strong foundation in both Botany and Zoology
  • Creates a fun and engaging learning environment
  • Adapts teaching style to individual needs
  • Excellent communication skills


I have over 5 years of experience teaching Biology to students from diverse backgrounds, ranging from ages 1 to primary 7. I’ve also worked as a teacher at Ever Shine School (Gambat City) and Anzalna Bright Future Academy (Hyderabad), specializing in Biology with a strong foundation in Zoology and Botany.

Teaching Style

My teaching style is interactive and student-centered. I believe in making learning fun and relevant, using clear explanations, engaging activities, and hands-on learning experiences to help students grasp complex concepts.

Subjects I Tutor

  • Biology (all levels)
  • Botany (including plant identification and ecology)
  • Zoology (including animal classification and adaptations)

Additional Qualifications

  • B.Sc. Hons. Botany (Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur)
  • B.Ed. (University of Sindh, Jamshoro) with a minor in Psychological Testing and Human Development
  • Conducted research on plant ecology in the Nara Desert

Contact us

Feel free to reach out to me to discuss your student’s specific needs and schedule a consultation.

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