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Bahria town Experienced FSc tutor – Miss Moiza Shahzad

Miss Moiza Shahzad appears to be an experienced and qualified FSc tutor who might be a good fit for students in Bahria Town, particularly those seeking help with Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or general Sciences. Here’s a breakdown of her strengths and potential considerations: Strengths:
    • Expertise in FSc subjects: Miss Shahzad has experience teaching FSc Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, making her familiar with the specific curriculum and challenges at this level.
    • Proven track record: With 2+ years of experience and 100% reported results, she seems to have a successful track record in helping students achieve their academic goals.
    • Personalized approach: Her focus on individual needs and catering to different learning styles can be beneficial for students who require tailored support.
    • Engaging and effective teaching: Based on testimonials, she seems to use effective teaching methods that resonate with students and make learning enjoyable.
    • Location: Offering both online and in-person options in Bahria Town and surrounding areas makes her accessible to local students.

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