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Mehreen Qazzafi APS experience tutor Provides instruction and guidance to students through an online platform. Typically assist the student with their coursework, help them understand difficult concepts, and provide guidance and support. May also help students prepare for exams and track their progress and achievements. Tutoring can be done in a variety of formats including live chat, video chat, and email. Highlights: .Good understanding of all teaching methods and learning styles .Able to convey material to students in an easy to understand manner .Assists students with homework questions and test preparation strategies .Able to help students in math, science, social studies, and English .Excellent interpersonal and assessment skills .Strong teaching presentation verbal and written communication Work Experience: .Tutored students in all subject areas in which they required assistance. .Used a variety of teaching methods depending on individual learning style. .Provided video tutoring using online platform to students. .Assisted with test preparation homework help study skills and improved note-taking. .Helped students master material content. Online Tutor: 1.Provided tutoring instruction in math to students 2.Assisted learners at all levels with content area needs. 3.Provided instruction in an asynchronous online learning format. 4.Conducted needs assessments and designed individualized tutoring services according to student needs. 5.Demonstrated lessons using video streaming. Soft Skills: .Communication .Patience .Organizational .Adaptability .Problem Solving .Time Management .Instructional .Interpersonal .Leadership .Creativity Hard Skills: .Online Teaching .Educational Technology .Curriculum Development .Classroom Management .Lesson Planning .Assessment Strategies .Student Motivation .Tutoring Strategies .Communication Skills .Time Management Mehreen Qazzafi APS experience tutor

Work & Experience

mathematics Teacher 17 August 2005 - till doing job
Army Public school and college rawalpindi

Working as Math teacher in APS Hamza Camp, Rawalpindi since Sep-2005 To till date.


best Teacher of the year 2019