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Address : 542, Main Ahmed Faraz Roaz , F-10/2 Islamabad.

Home-Tutor for O-A Level Team

Sumera Shafi O-A level expert
O/A Level, MS Expert in Business Group

Hi this is Sumera Shafi the tutor for O/A level in Islamabad. I have complete my Mphil and O/A Level qualified tutor. 

Dr.Swaibia O-A Level Expert
Femle Home Tutor for O level in Islamabad
Miss Ammarah Beaconhouse tutor
O level Expert
Sir Kashif MS Electrical Engineering prof at NUST
ECAT-NUST - O/A Level Expert
Sir Irfan Cambridge Expert
O/A Level Expert
Miss Uzma Roots Tutor
O/A Level Expert

Female Home tutor for O/A Level in Islamabad. She has experienced of O/A Level with more than 15 years. Hi this is Miss Uzma montessori trained and having experienced of roots institutes. Also i had completed my ACCA degree so can teach O/A Level Business group. 

Miss Laraib Mphil Bio-Chemistry
Female Home tutor O/A level Expert in Islamabad

This is Miss Larib MPhil Biochemistry and has experienced of teaching O/A Level, Fsc, Matric and in addition i has experienced of MDCAT to the foreign students as well. Medical science tutor with expertise of teaching O/A level, Fsc premedical, MDCAT preparation to local & foreign students as well

Dr.Nasir O-A Level Expert
Highly recommended for home-online O-A Level in Islamabad
Dr.Waseem O/A Level Accounting
Highly recommended for home-online O-A Level in Islamabad
Dr. Sajjid O/A Level Business Group Expert
Highly Recommended for O/A Level in Islamabad
Miss Maham Roots Tutor
female home-online O Level Expert in Islamabad

Hi Maham here the roots school O level tutor. Female home tutor for o level in Islamabad. I completed my Mphil and experienced tutor for O level Science Subjects. 

Miss Anum The City School Tutor
Cambridge Certified for O level Business group

Hi, this is Anum here, cambridge certified for o level business group from CIE. Now i am working in the city school. Having a lot of experienced for O level Business group.  

Miss Shahzeen O level Tutor
Cambridge O level Science group tutor

I'm Shehzeen Sadiq, a dietician and a nutritionist. I'm giving home tuitions to higher classes i.e Levels, fsc, matric. Expert in science subjects such as bio, physics, chemistry. I'm a national debtor as well and giving English spoken classes to students, and other Professionals.

Sir Imtiaz The City School Tutor
Highly Experienced tutor for O level in Islamabad

Hi, this is Imtiaz the City School tutor. Highly Recommended for O level because i got training from the Cambridge. 

Dr.Usman Ph.D Urdu- lecturer at NUML
O/A Level Urdu Expert

Usman Ghani Raad is a teacher of Urdu language and literature in a public sector university in Islamabad, Pakistan. He has taught language and literature to students from more than ten countries. He is a renowned Pakistani poet and fiction writer. His three books have been published in Pakistan. His research and creative works are also published in magazines and newspapers in Pakistan and abroad. He has presented his research and scholarly dissertations at various national and international conferences. Pakistan's largest literary government body, the Pakistan Academy of Letters, Islamabad, has also translated and published his stories. He holds a PhD in Comparative Studies.